A Blue Room- Are you True blue?

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. 
It is often associated with depth and stability. 
Like the air we breath!

(Designed by  S.R. Gamble)

It is also associated with healing, tranquility,understanding and softness. 
 It releases calming chemicals in the body and soothes nightmares.
 Perfect for a goodnight sleep!

(Source unknown)

In some cultures it wards off evil spirits...
 kind of interesting huh?


Blue paper can help you remember information. Boy, we need that!
 It has a cool vibration that helps with communication and helps you relax.

(James Howard)


 Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed. 
Like a close friend.

(Dan Carither)

Blue also symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, faith, and truth. Are you true blue?
 If not, what is your favorite color? 

(Buckingham Design)


  1. Blue is our color.We have posted so many times about it. Crazy. But this post is so soft and fresh. Thanks for the blue paper memory help.

  2. Great post! I absolutely love the second image! Blue is definitely one of my favorite colours.
    Have a lovely day, my friends!
    ~ Wendi ~ xo
    PS - love the new page format, too!

  3. blue has got to be my favorite right now...have never really cared for it in the past as it always seemed like such a safe color....but Ive been rethinking that it's also such a calming and relaxing color as well..and simply gorgeous...beautiful images..

  4. I love blue, and these images are amazing. I especially love the dining room!
    Hope that you have a wonderful Thursday.

  5. I'm definitely a blue person. Love these images. How could anyone not love a blue room?

  6. Typically I'm not a blue person but I would take that second image bedroom in a nanosecond it's gorgeous!

  7. Im blue all the way! Those were some great pictures! Definitely has a soothing and calming element to it!

  8. A couple of years ago, I moved to Dana Point so that my son could take advantage of the Drama Department at Dana Hills High. I didn't realize that one of the side benefits was going to be my daily walk at the beach. I always marvel at the colors; blue/green water, blue sky...last night mother nature decided to accent all her blues with the yummiest pinks and corals.

    All of your pictures are just beautiful! Thank you for a lovely post.

    All the best, Cindy

  9. I love blue; especially in bedrooms. I'll take all shades; baby blue, turquoise; and my favorite.... navy.... The artwork in the third photo is incredible.

  10. no, not a blue person but these rooms are to die for and could almost create a convert here!

  11. Blue is a color, in all its tints and hues, that we're being asked to use in many of our design schemes these days and Sally and I love it. Can't pin point why... The economy? Or simply a reaction to the trendy citrus colors we've been seeing - kind of like a complimentry color thing?


  12. Love love this post. I actually found myself taking a deep breath, I guess what they say about blue is true. It is an involuntary decompression that happens. The same thing happens when I go into my own Master bedroom, which is a soft blue and cream combination. I have always had a blue master bedroom and I guess after 40 some odd years I always will, Kathysue

  13. I ADORE the fabric on that chair in the first picture and that bedroom is really, really amazing! I had heard that about warding off spirits - apparently that's why the houses in Greece are painted blue and white...I didn't know that until recently! Beautiful post - nicely done!

  14. Really fabulous...I need blue note paper!!! Always have loved blue.

  15. I love the sofa with the blue stripe. Every photo is more beautiful than the next! Great post!

  16. My bedroom has had touches of blue for the past 10 years and I haven't tired of it yet.

    Thank you for such lovely images.

  17. Wonderful pallette, blue is soft and timeless. Thank you for such a charming post.


  18. Such beautiful soft blue images...simply gorgeous, all of them. XO, Mona

  19. Blue is it for me....every room in my home has some color of blue in it!

  20. Ooohh What a fabulous bed! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. :)

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  21. I'm a true-blue gal! I'm obsessed with it, my family and friends would say...
    Every room in my cottage is in pale blue and white, with gold leaf accents.
    I design my own fabrics and wallpapers so I get the shade of blue I like, and patterns, just right.
    I am slowly decorating my way through each room with my own patterns.
    Thank you for the inspirational photos! I especially love the Gustavian blue chest with the white detailing...


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