Murphy Mears Architecture

Designed by Eleanor Cummings, photo, Tria Giovan, Verande

I was impressed when I saw the work of Murphy Mears Architecture.....
and when I noticed where they were located.....
Well I should of known....
and I wasn't surprised......
Where else but Houston Texas! 

Eleanor Cummings, Photo- Tria Giovan, Veranda

Every time I see work that I love...... 
 9 out of 10 times its work from designers and architects from Texas.....

Eleanor Cummings

Eleanor Cummings

This kitchen looks like the cabinets were found and saved from old buildings and creatively pieced together.

Eleanor Cummings, Photo- Tria Giovan, Veranda

Eleanor Cummings,Phot- Tria Giovan, Veranda

Eleanor Cummings, Photo- Tria Giovan

Eleanor Cummings, photo- Tria Giovan

Designed by-Eleanor Cummings, photo- Tria Giovan- picture below also

 Love this!  

Peter Vitale

I have always wanted a bay window like this...so pretty


Peter Vitale

Peter Vitale

Adrienne Bullard, photo Paul Hester

Adrian Bullard, photo Paul Hester

Designed by Cherry Curlet, photo- Paul Hester

Designer and antique dealer Kay O'Tools home.... was also featured in Lonny Magazine this month

I love this image...it is perfect!


I could move right into her home.

O'Tools home photo- Tria Giovon and Benjamin Hill, Veranda

  To see their work go here.
Have a great weekend...



  1. drowning in lovely!

    have a wonderful weekend.


  2. I love to see Houston interior designers and architects featured. There's a definite style here that's incomparable. Images like these make me want to leave the suburbs!

  3. Thank you for showing this, It is new for me and I love it.
    Hope you can also find some inspiration at my blog.

  4. Such beautiful rooms. I loved so many I would need a much larger home to accommodate all of the great ideas. Houston and Atlanta seem to me to be the two cities that always provide gorgeous homes.
    Great post.

  5. Wow so much to love here...I love how the old blends with the new so harmoniously...my favorite kind of rooms, not so perfect and fresh and shiny, but sophisticated, gorgeous and inviting! Love them all....

  6. What stunning interiors. I loved every last one and now feel like redecorating my entire home - oh dear! X Sharon

  7. Love all of that natural wood. These rooms are all gorgeous!

  8. Julie and Danni every single picture here is drool worthy! I love every single room. I really like how they blend the old and the new.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. I am with you on the Houston designers - I love the look. Eleanor Cummings is a favorite.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. All of my favorites in one place. Love this post. Hope all is well with you and your Dad. I'm at the hospital. Daddy is back in with internal bleeding that they cannot find the source. He lost over half his blood before they got him here.

  11. I love every image! Beautiful!!!!!

  12. P.S. Hope you are feeling better. Take care of yourself!

  13. So, so beautiful! Reminds me of old European homes, but edited and streamlined. And all the antique furnishings look so fresh in such settings!

  14. OMGosh.. I'm speechless. I'll be tagging this post! First, I have to say my bed headboard is identical ~ just not sure what the fabric is on the one shown. The first kitchen is so unique. You're right! It does seem a antique pieces .. all assembled to perfection of course.. and that table! I love a farmhouse table. The tub is one of my favorite images:) A nice long soak sounds perfect right now!


  15. Loved this post...I agree why does Houston have all the talent!!!

  16. Beautiful images! So many interiors to swoon over!



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